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As capital markets become increasingly crowded, staying ahead demands the ability to seek, discover and execute on new opportunities. Alternative investments present one such opportunity—yet are often subject to the vast complexity that comes with a traditionally opaque and fragmented space.

GLASfunds was established in 2008 to solve this problem by creating the path and supplying the tools needed to pursue global private investing with ease and simplicity.

Combining our deep research capabilities with our technologically advanced platform, we allow advisors to build custom private market portfolios for clients with no size limitations and no operational burden.

Our goal is to provide our clients with a streamlined and easy to use platform, with all the tools, access and resources they need to confidently navigate the alternative investment space.

Our Values

Innovation & Evolution

We believe the investment landscape is constantly evolving and our platform is no different. We strive to persistently innovate our platform to ensure it’s cutting edge and proactively providing future forward solutions for advisors.

Transparency & Communication

As dedicated professionals, we ensure our clients are always informed and updated on our platform and their investment program, providing quick, responsive and honest communication to form a collaborative partnership built on trust.

Care & Understanding

We take pride in the knowledge that not only are we connecting people to funds, but we’re also here to provide our clients with peace of mind and help them exceed their investment goals. That’s why we serve our clients with empathy and care, knowing that our platform provides security and opens a path to an empowered and more diverse private capital portfolio.

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