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How We Are Different

We are a digital and operational access point, bringing research, sourcing and reporting under one roof, driven by the idea that alternative investing should be streamlined yet customizable.

Not a Feeder Fund Structure

Unlike feeder fund structures, GLASfunds allows for greater customization and simplicity in the private market access platform space. Our platform offers a multitude of benefits and solutions to ensure advisors receive all the tools, expertise and custom support they need to create or complement their alternatives program.

GLASfunds Platform

Single Subscription Document + Aggregated Reporting & K-1
Single Fund Admin
Manager Fund 1 Manager Fund 2 Manager Fund 3

Other Platforms

Sub Doc K-1 Report Sub Doc K-1 Report Sub Doc K-1 Report
Fund Admin Fund Admin Fund Admin
Manager Fund 1 Manager Fund 2 Manager Fund 3
GLAS Platform Other Platforms
Low investment amount minimums
Single subscription process
Simple, Digital workflow to add new funds
E-delivery of all documents, including signatures
Single K-1 per client
Consolidated performance report per client
Consolidated capital call & redemption process
Non-Conflict Manager Selection Process
Potential for enhanced liquidity
No upfront costs to adding new positions to the platform — evergreen flexible construct

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